Hupu News, September 24 Tonight, Guangzhou Evergrande lost 1-2 to Jiangsu Suning in the league. At the press conference after the game, Cannavaro expressed his frustration with the weather and his affirmation of the team's performance.


Today is not actually a game. It is difficult to sum up something particularly useful from the game after the game. First, because of the heavy rain due to the weather, it should have been a high-level confrontation, because the weather prevented the venue from being able to deploy skills and tactics. The game was almost like a fight. It is also difficult for players to control emotions because of the weather.


Our team members have tried their best, and there is really no way for the venue. Because it is really difficult to effectively pass on the field, there was a period of time in the first half that the field was similar to the swimming pool, and the game was difficult.


Generally speaking, the first half was still a bit uncomfortable. I was worried about the venue and kept passing in the backcourt. This is not our usual method. On the contrary, it is more advantageous for the opponent. The first stage will be over in two or three days, and the competition in the next few days must be ready.


Paulinho is like this, the more matches the better, the greater the density of the match, the better his advantages and the help of skills and tactics.


The substitutions in the midfield were all quite satisfied and it worked. He Chao also scored a goal. After Deng Hanwen came on the field, the attack from the right was very advantageous and formed a threat, including the left side defending the center back very well. It is a pity that when we have the offensive advantage, there has been a very, very controversial wing set ball. There is a huge controversy, because this unfortunate controversy led to the loss of the ball.


The most satisfying aspect of this game is that compared with Suning, we are definitely not as powerful as the opponent. The opponent wants to win very much for points. We have completed the task ahead of time. This aspect is unnaturally relaxed. Even so, I am still against the game. The level of commitment was very satisfactory, and we controlled the game throughout the second half.


It must be said that the first half was completely handed over, whether the technique and tactics are good, the whole performance is good. Very satisfied with the player's performance in the second half. If we think of ways to improve Chinese football, today is a very good course. If you want to make football improve quickly, you need the joint efforts of many parties to improve together to truly improve.


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