Tiger Fighting, October 26, Southampton beat Everton 2-0 in the Premier League game that ended early this morning.


After the game, Saints coach Hasen Hüter said in an interview: "This is definitely one of our best performances against a strong team so far. Our team has a good game rhythm and offensive and defensive balance."


"The important thing is that we have the ball and let our opponents run, which is very good. In the past few games, we have shown good progress, if we want to become a better team, it's necessary."


"It doesn't matter to me who scores goals, what matters is what everyone does for the team. Assists are also very important. Our game management and today's game are very exciting. We proved with two goals. If you do well, how easy it is to score goals."


"Of course, it's a coincidence that we spend more time on the left, but more importantly, flexibility is the key."


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