There are many pictures in football that are worthy of our recollection, and today the editor brings you these three particularly classics. One of the pictures records the birth of a Guinness World Record, which is unprecedented. It’s hard to find anyone in the future. This may be a record harder to break than Messi’s 91 goals in the year.


1. Cristiano Ronaldo jumped 2.56 meters and scored a goal


This goal occurred in the 17th round of the Serie A match between Juventus and Sampdoria on December 19, 2019. With Dybala and Ronaldo’s goals, Juventus defeated Sampdoria 2-1. From the score point of view, this is a mediocre Serie A, but Ronaldo's goal makes this game destined to become extraordinary. In the 45th minute of the game, Juventus defender Sandro kicked the ball from the wing. Cristiano Ronaldo leaped high in the penalty area and pressed Samp defender Mulu with a header. According to post-match statistics, Cristiano Ronaldo’s head The ball reached an astonishing height of 2.56 meters and a suspended time of 1.5 seconds. With such an amazing bounce ability, you can hardly imagine that Ronaldo was already a veteran who was about to turn 35 at the time, while Mulu, who became the background emperor, was only 25. year old.

该进球发生在2019年12月19日尤文图斯和桑普多利亚之间的意甲联赛第17轮比赛中。凭借迪巴拉和罗纳尔多的进球,尤文图斯以2-1击败了桑普多利亚。从得分的角度来看,这是一个平庸的意甲,但罗纳尔多的进球却使这场比赛注定会变得非凡。比赛第45分钟,尤文图斯后卫桑德罗将球踢出空中。克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)在禁区跳高,并用头球将桑普后卫穆卢(Mulu)逼向顶。根据赛后统计,克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多的头球达到了惊人的高度2.56米,暂停时间为1.5秒。拥有如此惊人的弹跳能力,您几乎无法想象罗纳尔多已经是一位将要年满35岁的退伍军人,而成为背景皇帝的穆卢(Mulu)才25岁。

2. Messi Bernabeu lore to expose his jersey

2.梅西·伯纳乌(Mess Si Bernabeu)绝杀以暴露他的球衣

This picture took place in the La Liga national derby in the second leg of the 2016-2017 season. Messi killed Real Madrid in the last minute of injury time. After the goal, Messi took off his jersey and raised his jersey in the stands facing the Bernabéu. This is also the most classic picture in La Liga derby in recent years.


In that game, Real Madrid opened the scoring by Casemiro in the 28th minute, and just 4 minutes after Real Madrid scored, Messi equalized the score for Barcelona. In the 72nd minute, Rakitic's kick from outside the penalty zone pierced Navas's ten fingers and exceeded the score for Barcelona. This ball fully demonstrated Rakitic's long-range shooting ability. In the 85th minute, Ronaldo equalized the score for Real Madrid at a critical moment. If it were not for Messi's later lore, then Ronaldo's career in Real Madrid might have changed since then. We all know the story later. In the last minute of stoppage time, Roberto drove the ball and drove the ball to Gomez. Gomez passed it to Alba, who passed in the opposite direction. In the penalty area, Messi greeted the ball and made a low shot. The ball went straight down the corner, 3-2. At this moment, the Bernard crows were silent, and the silent stadium recorded the scene of Messi holding up his jersey.


3. Lewandino watched Guardiola with 5 goals in 9 minutes


This picture took place in the sixth round of the Bundesliga on September 23, 2015. Bayern hosted the home game against Wolfsburg. In this game, Bayern defeated Wolfsburg 5-1, although it was a 5-goal victory in football. It is often in the game, but it is rare for a player to score five goals in the game, and a player to score 5 goals in 9 minutes is the best in the past and present. Lewand is the player who made this history.


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