lol比赛投注软件_北体大放弃参加新赛季CUBA 进不了前3就不打?

  Live it, September 26th, Beijing Sports University player Cheng Xinkai first revealed on Weibo last night that the next CUBA Beijing Sport University chose to abandon the competition. Later, he said on Douyin that the school management said that they would not be allowed to fight if they could not beat the top three.


Cheng Xinkai posted on Weibo: "For the next CUBA Beijing Sport University, I choose to abstain! I want to say that I wasted a year to prove myself. The school chose not to play because the whole team in our team is new. Now There are no veteran players in the team, which is a stage of transition between the new and the old. The North Sports University is also a special school that has cultivated the national basketball youth team. Therefore, the focus has been on the youth training. The school men’s basketball team is only a small part. Most of them are constantly proving that they, including the coach and the team, are very unique, but the school depends on the results! So no matter whether you will play CUBA or not at Beijing University of Technology in the future! I will show up in various places to prove myself!! I have higher requirements for myself, and I still keep my dreams the same! Shibie will be admired for three days, please look forward to our return."


   Later, according to domestic media reports, the registration for the 23rd CUBA Beijing Grassroots Tournament has ended. If Beijing Sport University fails to submit the registration materials within the deadline, it will lose the qualification for this CUBA competition.


   At the same time, the report also pointed out that the main reason for the current situation is the poor results achieved by the North in recent years in the national competition. In the last national competition, the team pointed to the top eight, but unfortunately they lost to Taili in the 16-in-8 game and failed to achieve the goal; this year a hospital leader set the goal in the top three in the country, claiming that it could not be achieved without continuing Necessary to participate.


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