Grace, my next-door neighbor, died of COVID-19 last week. As far as I can remember, she lives next door to my house. One fall, old Grace fell and broke her collarbone. Watching people carry her into an ambulance, I have a terrible and disturbing feeling: at her age, if something happens to her, she may never return.


When the new crown epidemic came, the worst thing happened. At Grace's funeral on Friday, only seven people were allowed to enter the church, and the others could only stand on the side of the road or in the nearby fields and mourn silently. At this moment, the Bassett hut (Grace’s kennel, named after the old dog that Grace raised) seemed so quiet and lonely.


Around me, there are always so many people who have known and heard about the new coronavirus infection. Compared to what the news says every day, the "digital curve" that the epidemic has tended to ease, like the old man Grace, what happened around me looks more real.


From this perspective, it is easier for us to understand why a quarantine ban was set during the outbreak. For many misfortuned families, seeing those who ignore the quarantine prohibition always brings a deep sense of disappointment in their hearts. In football, Kyle Walker is one of such disappointing guys.

从这个角度来看,我们更容易理解为什么在疫情爆发期间设置了隔离禁令。对于许多不幸的家庭,看到那些忽略隔离禁令的人总是会在他们的内心深处感到失望。在足球界,凯尔·沃克(Kyle Walker)就是这样令人失望的家伙之一。

On March 24, Kyle Walker posted such a message on social media platforms that seemed very "for the sake of the people". He said this to his 1.5 million fans: "

3月24日,凯尔·沃克(Kyle Walker)在社交媒体平台上发布了这样的一条消息,该消息看起来非常“出于人民利益”。他对150万名粉丝说:

However, by now, we all know-Walker's words are just a hoax, he is purely for show.


The day after posting the "caution" that I didn’t know where to copy and paste, Kyle Walker arranged for two call girls to "visit" him and a friend, one of them

发布“我不知道要复制和粘贴到哪里的警告”的第二天,凯尔·沃克(Kyle Walker)安排了两个应召女郎“拜访”他和一个朋友,其中一个

Because of this, the Manchester City team held an internal disciplinary hearing. The subsequent official statement read: "Players should be role models for the public. Our employees and players are fully supporting the work of medical staff and fighting the new crown epidemic together. Kyle’s behavior runs counter to our efforts, and we are disappointed. , Will be subject to internal disciplinary punishment within a few days."


In the next few days, Kyle Walker himself publicly apologized, admitting that his behavior was in stark contrast with the "warnings" he had previously issued, and he disappointed everyone.

在接下来的几天中,凯尔·沃克(Kyle Walker)本人公开道歉,承认他的行为与他先前发出的“警告”形成鲜明对比,他令所有人失望。

Some people may think that Walker will stop there after penalizing the team and making things worse. However, in the following days, Walker broke the ban on other social occasions. These social occasions include driving to South Yorkshire to visit your parents, celebrating your sister's birthday with a large group of people, and asking friends to go out on bicycles.


Because the lace newspaper always clings to his going out behavior, Walker said that he feels "harassed". Judging from the statement issued last Friday, the "harassment" of the paparazzi seems to be a bigger problem for him.


Walker's opening remarks were terrible, "I think I have been silent for long enough."


Walker said that he drove to Sheffield's parents' house and packed some common dishes. These are true. Parents love themselves so much, should they ignore it? He wants to know why family privacy has become part of the lace story? Why should the privacy of players be violated?


The other relative he visited was his sister who lives in Rotherham. Walker said that her sister is "one of the few people in her life who can be trusted." He just went there to give some birthday presents by the way. "She hugged me and reminded me how much she cares about and loves me. What should I do? Do you want to push her away?"

他拜访的另一位亲戚是住在罗瑟勒姆的妹妹。沃克说,她的妹妹是“她生命中为数不多的几个值得信赖的人之一”。他只是去那里给一些生日礼物。 “她拥抱我,提醒我她多么在乎和爱我。我该怎么办?你想把她推开吗?”

Well, yes, Kyle Walker, stand on your side, unless you think all of this loses your identity, that's exactly what you should do.

好吧,是的,凯尔·沃克(Kyle Walker),站在你身边,除非你认为所有这些都失去了你的身份,否则这就是你应该做的。

But here, please let me tell you a man named Kevin Rosen.


For the past ten years, Kevin Rosen has been the game day staff of the Nottingham Forest team, so I got acquainted with him. We are not close friends, but I have met him many times and I realized that he is one of those who love his job.

在过去的十年中,凯文·罗森(Kevin Rosen)一直是诺丁汉森林(Nottingham Forest)队的比赛日职员,所以我结识了他。我们不是亲密的朋友,但是我已经见过他很多次了,我意识到他是热爱他的人之一。

However, a few weeks ago, someone called to inform him that he had passed away, and the new crown virus also claimed his life.


According to the latest statistics, close to 32,000 people in the UK have also become victims of the new crown virus like Kevin Rosen. This number is more than the capacity of Sheffield United Stadium (Bramore Lane Stadium) that Walker has supported since childhood. At the same time, although you may have heard the nonsense of the government claiming that the prevention and control has achieved phased success, this number is still the highest death toll in Europe.

根据最新统计,英国近32,000人也像凯文·罗森(Kevin Rosen)一样成为新冠状病毒的受害者。这个数字超过了沃克从小就支持的谢菲尔德联合体育场(Bramore Lane Stadium)的容量。同时,尽管您可能听过政府的胡说八道,声称预防和控制已取得阶段性成功,但这个数字仍然是欧洲最高的死亡人数。

When Walker drove nearly 50 miles to a birthday party, can we try to estimate how many people don’t even have the chance to watch their relatives and friends bury themselves?


What Walker needs to realize is-if everyone has an attitude of having to do it, then maybe we can only rely on God to bless us...


Take me as an example. It would be great if I could visit my dad on his birthday this week. He lives alone in the country and is an 83-year-old widowhood. Yes, all of this is a bit bad, but what can you do?


When facing the media's description of dissatisfaction with "harassment", the perception of the danger of the epidemic seemed to be Walker's blind spot, but he fully talked about mental health issues. "When paying attention to the disease like the new crown virus, when can mental health issues be considered?" Walker said, "I feel pain and frustration just like everyone else. As a professional player in the public eye, I don’t Not immune to these."

当面对媒体对“骚扰”的不满的描述时,对流行病危险的感知似乎是沃克的盲点,但他充分谈论了精神健康问题。 “当关注这种新冠状病毒之类的疾病时,何时可以考虑心理健康问题?”沃克说:“我和其他所有人一样感到痛苦和沮丧。作为公众眼中的职业球员,我不能幸免于难。”

Of course, Walker is not immune to this. His affairs have been publicly exposed on the headlines of various media, which will undoubtedly make people feel more pressure. Many people, like Walker, have a disgusting feeling for certain elements of the media.


Walker seems to have overlooked--


However, when Walker spoke like this, he himself never seemed to understand.


Sorry, Kyle Walker, you just can't wash it off like this.

抱歉,凯尔·沃克(Kyle Walker),你不能这样洗掉它。

Think more about the sad scene of coach Pep Guardiola mourning the death of his mother, Kyle Walker, it's time to take responsibility for his actions.

想一想教练瓜迪奥拉(Pep Guardiola)哀悼母亲凯尔·沃克(Kyle Walker)逝世的悲惨场面,现在该对他的行为负责。

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