The first stage of the Chinese Super League came to an end today, SIPG advanced to the championship group with the first result of Group B. Like the ever-increasing strength of the team, SIPG has been exploring, learning and making progress in building soft power such as fan culture.


When it comes to fan culture, Guoan is undoubtedly the best in China. As a veteran traditional giant, Guoan fans have always been at the forefront in terms of loyalty to the club or in creating the atmosphere of the stadium. They regard the team and the city as a belief. Even if the team's performance is not good, it will always follow. This kind of spiritual thing is refreshing. This year's special tournament system brought all the clubs together in the same competition area, which also allowed more exchanges between SIPG and Guoan.


Before the first Beijing-Shanghai war, the staff of SIPG and Guoan played a friendly football match. Before the second round of the Beijing-Shanghai battle last week, this tradition was continued. In addition to the friendly football match between the staff of the two teams, the fans from both sides also joined the interaction.


This interaction is not just as simple as playing football, racing cars, champagne of joy, and the excitement of chasing you after me. Who would have thought that there could be such a wonderful warm-up session outside of the Super League stadium! Fans from Guoan and SIPG clubs and staff from Suzhou Olympic Sports formed their own teams and came to the Le Shang International Kart Club located in the Olympic Sports Center. The "Suzhou Division Car Championship" kicked off, and the competition system adopts the "F1" mode of qualifying plus the race, which can be described as exciting. Each team needs to first determine the two strongest representatives in the team through qualifying to participate in the final three-way battle. With the roar of the engine and the screaming of tires, the fastest lap is constantly being refreshed, and the strong of each team gradually emerged...

这种互动不仅像踢足球,赛车,欢愉的香槟以及追逐我的兴奋一样简单。谁会想到在超级联赛体育场外可能会有如此精彩的热身赛!国安和SIPG俱乐部的lol比赛投注软件球迷以及苏州奥林匹克运动会的工作人员组成了自己的团队,来到奥林匹克运动中心的勒尚国际卡丁车俱乐部。 “苏州分部汽车锦标赛”拉开帷幕,比赛系统采用排位赛加比赛的“ F1”模式,可谓是激动人心。每支球队都需要首先通过排位赛确定最后两名最强的代表,以参加最后的三路战斗。随着引擎的轰鸣和轮胎的尖叫声,最快的圈速不断得到刷新,各个车队的实力逐渐显现出来。

With a wave of the checkered flag, the final three-way decisive battle started. The strength of the teams was comparable, and the atmosphere on the scene reached the highest point. The fans off the field also took out their stand-by skills to cheer and cheer for their own drivers. After the final statistics of the venues are completed, the coach announces to everyone that Guoan's drivers have won the championship.


After the race, several winners on the podium opened the champagne of victory together and experienced the joy of F1 champion. Although competitive sports will win and lose, the friendship will last forever. Although fans come from different camps, they feel the same about happiness at this moment.


Through continuous learning, communication and exploration, SIPG’s fan culture has also improved significantly in recent years. Before the match against Wuhan Zall, SIPG fans sent encouragement and blessings to Wuhan fans, and the two sides raised the banner of "Together is beautiful" outside the stadium.


Under the background of the impact of the epidemic, this year’s game can resume, and fans can gather together to watch the game and cheer for the team. It is already a very difficult task. This also makes the fans know how to cherish each other. There is less tension, and more warmth and interaction. "After a series of special events this year, I realized that happiness is actually very simple. It is to be able to gather with football-loving brothers to watch football and cheer for the supporting team." A fan said with emotion.

在这种流行病的影响下,今年的比赛可以继续进行,球迷可以聚集在一起观看比赛并为球队加油打气。这已经是非常困难的任务。这也使粉丝知道如何彼此珍惜。更少的紧张感,更多的温暖和互动。 “在经历了一系列特殊事件之后,我意识到幸福实际上非常简单。能够与爱好足球的兄弟们聚在一起观看足球比赛并为支持队加油助威。”一位粉丝感慨地说。

The closed management of the competition area also gives staff from different clubs more opportunities to communicate. From inside the stadium to outside the stadium, from the fans of different teams to the staff, there is continuous interaction. This may be the best portrayal of SIPG’s slogan this season: “Together is beautiful”!


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