lol比赛投注:马丁斯离队始末:申花经权衡撤销报名 战恒大前已敲定下家


It should not be controversial to say that Martins is one of the biggest foreign players in the Super League. This year is the 20th year of Martins' career. No one thought that he would not end up in Shenhua. Wuhan Zall would be the last stop of the Nigerian national treasure player. Martins left Shenhua decently. He left countless classic pictures in Shanghai. Shenhua laid off the veteran and made great efforts to find his next home.


With Jin Xinyu and Shalawei leaving the team one after another, why did Shenhua cancel Martins who was thrown in the Dalian Division at the time? Why did Martins, who had a contract with Shenhua before, left the Dalian division early on September 2? From early February to the UAE to join Shenhua, officially returning to Shenhua on July 15, leaving the team on September 2 to now officially joining Wuhan Zall, what happened?


Affected by the epidemic in February this year, when the Chinese Super League will restart is full of uncertainty. According to the foreign aid "Note 7 and 5 on 4" new policy released at that time, Shenhua, who is currently training abroad in the UAE, locked the fifth foreign aid target on Martins. On the one hand, because Martins is familiar with Shenhua, he doesn't need to run in too much if he gets to the team; on the other hand, Martins, who is the fifth foreign aid, signed a short contract with Shenhua, and the contract is more cost-effective. Martins returning to Shenhua is not positioned as the main foreign aid. Under the four foreign aid system of Moreno, Jin Xinyu, Salavi and Mbia, Martins is the candidate to rotate based on the actual situation.


In the middle of the year, the global epidemic was in urgency. Moreno and Mbia stayed overseas until the league was about to start, and the two returned to the team. In contrast, Martins, who has been co-training with the team, has to take on the role of the third foreign aid. For Martins, playing the role of the third foreign aid is a bit reluctant. He did not have a particularly luminous performance in several appearances.


On August 10, Jin Xinyu was diagnosed with a stress fracture of the right tibia. Shenhua had to start the adjustment of foreign aid, looking for a striker with a Chinese visa who could come to China as soon as possible and catch up with the first stage of the league. In the case that Shalawi has not received the national team's call-up order and is still preparing for the battle as usual, the candidates for Shenhua's plan to cancel the registration will be selected among Jin Xinyu and Martins.


Shenhua's technical and tactical system still relies on Jin Xinyu, a high center forward. The coaching staff still expects him to participate in the second stage of the game and the AFC Champions League, and weighs Shenhua's decision to remove Martins, who is not particularly ideal in actual combat. At the same time, Shenhua is also actively looking for a home for Martins. Martins expressed that he understands the situation of the club and is willing to accept invitations from other Chinese Super League clubs. Then Martins and Wuhan Zall reached an intention.


Martins was once the flagship player of Shenhua, and he is also a player loved by Shenhua fans. Although he failed to die in Shanghai, he is still one of the most representative foreign players in the history of Shenhua Club.


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