【lol比赛投注】法网还是纳达尔后花园 天晓得他还能统治红土多久


Netease Sports reported on October 12:


Who could have imagined that a battle considered to be the most critical for men's tennis GOAT competition, but it was staggeringly one-sided. Nadal and Djokovic’s 56th match, the ninth Grand Slam final between the two, ended in Nadal's victory. The first set gave the egg 6-0. A total of 7 breaks were made. Nadal For the fourth time, he was crowned in Roland Garros without losing a game, once again proving his status as the unshakable king of clay.

谁能想象到这场战斗被认为是男子网球GOAT比赛中最关键的战斗,但那是令人惊讶的单面。纳达尔和德约科维奇的第56场比赛(两者之间的第九场大满贯决赛)以纳达尔的胜利而告终。第一盘给鸡蛋6-0。总共进行了7次休息。纳达尔(Nadal)第四次在不失比赛的情况下在罗兰·加洛斯(Roland Garros)加冕,再次证明了他是不可动摇的粘土之王的地位。

Because of the outbreak, Nadal gave up the opportunity to go to New York to defend the US Open, which now seems to be a very wise move. In Nadal’s strategy, skipping North American hard-court events and focusing on the clay-court events in September and October is the top priority of the season. Early preparations for the clay-court games that he is better at, Nadal’s goal is very clear. . Of course, the previous quarter-final loss to Schwarzman at the Rome Masters still caused Nadal to suffer a certain degree of controversy. After all, that loss was a bit unexpected and made him miss the first Rome "ten crown" in history. Opportunity, but Nadal is still Nadal after all. He can always become a beast when he comes to Paris, even in this special situation this year.

由于爆发,纳达尔放弃了去纽约保卫美国公开赛的机会,现在看来这是非常明智的举动。按照纳达尔的策略,跳过北美硬地比赛,而专注于9月和10月的红土比赛是本赛季的重中之重。纳达尔的目标很明确,就是他擅长为红土场比赛做早期准备。 。当然,上一场在罗马大师赛上输给施瓦茨曼的比赛仍然使纳达尔遭受一定程度的争议。毕竟,这种损失有点出乎意料,使他错过了历史上的第一个罗马“十冠王”。机会,但纳达尔毕竟还是纳达尔。即使今年有这种特殊情况,他来巴黎时总能成为野兽。

When the men’s singles draw was released, Nadal’s draw did not seem to be ideal. Tim, who had just been crowned in the U.S. Open, was in the same half as him, and due to the postponement of the season, the changes in climate and venue, and the speed of the ball Factors such as slowing down and other factors have created difficulties for Nadal to be crowned king again. "In many aspects of the game conditions may be my

当男子单打抽签发布时,纳达尔的抽签似乎并不理想。刚刚在美国公开赛上加冕的蒂姆(Tim)与他处于同一个状态,并且由于赛季推迟,气候和场地的变化以及球的速度等因素,例如减速和其他因素给纳达尔再次加冕带来了困难。 “在游戏的许多方面,情况可能是我的

However, once he stepped onto the field, Nadal became unstoppable. The second and third rounds gave eggs in two games. The first four rounds of promotion can be said to be calm. In the quarter-finals, facing the first post-00 Senna who reached the quarter-finals of the Grand Slam, Nadal improved his state in time and continued to sweep 3-0. In the semi-finals, he entered the semi-finals for the first time and defeated himself in Rome. In Schwarzman, Nadal once again demonstrated his style as the king of Roland Garros, and successfully reached the final with a record of not losing a set of revenge. The venue and other issues that he was worried about before seemed to be nothing to say.

然而,纳达尔一踏上球场,就势不可挡。第二轮和第三轮在两场比赛中都进行了比赛。前四轮晋升可以说是平静的。在四分之一决赛中,面对第一位进入大满贯四分之一决赛的塞纳(00 Senna),纳达尔及时改善了状态并继续以3-0横扫。在半决赛中,他第一次进入半决赛,并在罗马击败了自己。在施瓦茨曼,纳达尔再次展示了他作为罗兰·加洛斯国王的风格,并成功闯入了决赛并保持了不败报仇的记录。他之前担心的场地和其他问题似乎无话可说。

In the final, facing his old opponent Djokovic across the net, it was a huge opportunity for both sides. Before the game, the two men put on top hats, and both believed that their opponents were the strongest enemies of their careers, but looked at the clay court and French Open. Nadal is still the absolute ruler. Even when the two faced off at the French Open in 2015, Nadal lost 0-3 to Djokovic, but this will not affect Nadal’s confidence in the slightest. Djokovic obviously didn't get much incentive from that victory.


The so-called needle-point confrontation with Maimang has completely evolved into a stage where Nadal performed by himself. Compared to Djokovic, Nadal's opening focus was significantly higher, and his performance on the court was also more exciting. In the first set, he broke three times and beat Djokovic with a 6-0. Stunned. In the second set, Nadal's state was still very hot, and he captured the opponent's serve twice and scored another victory 6-2. Only two games were lost in the first two sets. Nadal turned the final into an exhibition match. This state is really terrifying.


When Nadal achieved four consecutive championships at the French Open in 2008, Federer was destroyed in the finals 6-1, 6-3 and 6-0. In three sets, his opponent only got 4 games. Nadal seemed to be repeating this after 12 years. How to win? Of course, Djokovic will not be in a downturn after all. After the two broke each other in the third set, a rare see-saw situation in this final was formed. However, after a stalemate reached 5 and Djokovic was broken by a double fault, Nadal ended the game in a LOVE GAME way and won the game 7-5.


The 3-0 sweep of Djokovic was Nadal's 100th victory at the French Open. He won his 13th French Open championship with 100 wins and reached the top of the French Open for the fourth time without losing a set. This is of great significance to Nadal. When Nadal reached the top of Roland Garros for the first time in 2005, he was still a 19-year-old. Now at 34, he can still win the French Open for the 13th time, even if you are used to Nadal dominating the clay court. Doesn't it still sound incredible? Mainly to maintain a strong competitiveness on the clay court, Nadal can continue to accumulate Grand Slam honors. In Roland Garros, he can always stimulate his greatest potential. How long will he be able to rule the French Open?

德约科维奇的3-0横扫是纳达尔在法网的第100场胜利。他获得了100场胜利,赢得了第13届法国公开赛冠军,并且连续第四次蝉联法国公开赛冠军并没有丢盘。这对纳达尔意义重大。当纳达尔在2005年首次登上罗兰·加洛斯(Roland Garros)的榜首时,他仍然只有19岁。如今,他已经34岁了,尽管您已经习惯了纳达尔在红土场上的统治,他仍然可以第13次赢得法国公开赛。听起来还是令人难以置信吗?主要是为了在红土场上保持强大的竞争力,纳达尔可以继续积累大满贯荣誉。在罗兰·加洛斯(Roland Garros),他总是可以激发自己的最大潜力。他将能够统治法网多长时间?

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