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Last weekend, in the Meazza derby at the Meazza Stadium, Inter Milan lost 1-2 to Milan. In this game, Inter Milan's left center back Kolarov's performance was horrible and was criticized by all parties after the game. Recently, Gazzetta dello Sport also followed the trend and began to question Serbian players.

上周末,国际米兰在Meazza体育场的Meazza德比战中以1-2输给了米兰。在这场比赛中,国际米兰的左中后卫科拉lol比赛投注罗夫的表现令人震惊,赛后受到各方批评。最近,Gazzetta dello Sport也顺应潮流,开始质疑塞尔维亚球员。

This summer, Kolarov transferred from Rome to Inter Milan for 1.5 million euros. He is believed to strengthen the Nerazzurri’s lineup. Serbian players can play as left central defender or left-wing defender, which can make Inter Milan coach Conte has more choices in arranging troops. After all, his tactics are 3-5-2. Kolarov almost exactly matches the Nerazzurri. He has played similar positions in Manchester City and Inter.


What is incredible is that after Kolarov came to Inter Milan, his performance has not improved, and he has become the weakest link in the team's lineup. The Gazzetta dello Sport bluntly stated that after three games so far, Serbian players have made a mistake. It's hard to believe that he had outstanding performance during his time at Manchester City and Roma. The newspaper used three words to describe Kolarov's three games. It was a mistake against Fiorentina, a procrastination against Benevento, and a disaster against Milan.

令人难以置信的是,科拉罗夫来到国际米兰后,他的表现并没有得到改善,他已经成为球队阵容中最薄弱的一环。 Gazzetta dello Sport直言不讳地说,到目前为止,经过三场比赛,塞尔维亚球员犯了一个错误。很难相信他在曼城和罗马期间的出色表现。报纸用三个词来描述科拉罗夫的三场比赛。这是对佛罗伦萨的错误,对贝内文托的拖延,对米兰的灾难。

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It should be pointed out that since Conte coached Inter Milan, the left central defender has troubled him for more than a year. Last season, Conte asked Godin and Shike to play the left central defender. As a result, it was difficult for both players to adapt. The real reason why the club cleaned Godin this summer. According to Conte's vision, Kolarov can temporarily solve the left-center back problem, and then let the "young" Shik continue to run in. What is shocking is that the Serbian players did not play well after three games. "Gazzetta dello Sport" bluntly said that whether the left-center defender can be resolved will directly determine Inter's performance this season.

应该指出的是,自孔戴执教国际米兰以来,左后卫一直困扰着他一年多。上个赛季,孔戴要求戈丁和希克扮演左后卫。结果,两个玩家都很难适应。俱乐部今年夏天打扫戈丁的真正原因。根据孔戴的愿景,科拉罗夫可以暂时解决左中后卫的问题,然后让“年轻”的希克继续闯进来。令人震惊的是,塞尔维亚球员在三场比赛后表现不佳。 《米兰体育报》直言,左中后卫能否解决将直接决定国际米兰本赛季的表现。

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