To play off the court, I believe many people have had the fear of being dominated by the bunker.


   When saving a ball in a bunker, especially a bunker on the side of the green, it’s either a big shot and it’s flying far away from the green, and it takes one more shot to hit it back, or after a blast of wind and sand, the ball is still under your feet.


   But no matter how you save, the ball won't get out of the hole. . . . . .

但是,无论您如何省钱,球都不会掉进洞里。 。 。 。 。 。

  How to play the bunker beside the green?


   Today, Chinese women's professional golf rookie Wang Xinying shared two ways to deal with bunker positions on the green, hoping to help everyone overcome the "bunker phobia"!


   Wang Xinying, a Beijing girl born in 1999. Because both grandpa and dad love to play golf, Wang Xinying has been influenced by golf culture since she was a child. At the age of 8, under the leadership of a good friend of her grandfather and a South Korean coach, she started to learn golf. She won the first place in her life at the age of 10. National champions. Because of his outstanding performance in the youth arena, in early 2012, 12-year-old Wang Xinying was selected to the national team for systematic training. In 2014, Wang Xinying, Shi Yuting and Ye Ziqi represented the Chinese team in the Incheon Asian Games and won the team bronze medal. After playing the Asian Games, Wang Xinying went to high school in the United States with his family.

王新英,北京女孩,1999年出生。由于爷爷和爸爸都喜欢打高尔夫球,所以王小英从小就受到高尔夫文化的影响。 8岁那年,在祖父的好朋友和韩国教练的带领下,她开始学习高尔夫。她在10岁时获得了生活中的第一名。全国冠军。由于他在青年舞台上的出色表现,2012年初,12岁的王欣颖被选入国家队进行系统训练。 2014年,王新英,史玉婷和叶子琦代表中国队参加了仁川亚运会,并获得了团体铜牌。参加亚运会后,王欣颖和家人一起去美国的高中读书。

Before graduating from high school, Wang Xinying played AJGA for two years, won 2 championships, 5 top three and multiple top ten, ranking in the top five in the United States, and was admitted to Duke University in 2017. During college, Wang Xinying has been Played in the school team. In 2019, in the NCAA National Finals, Wang Xinying's Duke University women's team won the seventh NCAA championship in the history of the school team. Wang Xinying became the third NCAA national championship after Liu Yu and Luo Ying. Chinese players.

在高中毕业之前,王欣颖曾参加AJGA两年,赢得了2个冠军,5个前三名和多个前十名,排名美国前五名,并于2017年被杜克大学录取。曾在校队踢过球。 2019年,在NCAA全国总决赛中,王欣颖的杜克大学女队获得了学校队历史上的第七届NCAA冠军。王新英继刘宇和罗颖之后,获得了第三届NCAA全国冠军。中国球员。

   In 2020, Wang Xinying graduated from Duke University and switched to a professional status to start playing in the women's China Tour. After turning to a professional status, he participated in two games and achieved good results tied for sixth.




   cause of formation


When an iron strikes the green, it is easy to hit the bunker beside the green. When the edge of the front bunker is higher and the sand is relatively soft, the ball will drop deeply into the sand along the edge of the front bunker, forming the signature dish of the bunker-poached egg .




   Uphill ball position, difficult position and the ball sinks too deep, it is difficult to hit the ball out of the bunker.


   processing method


Stand wider than usual, shoulders parallel to the ground, left shoulders high and right shoulders low, with the center of gravity on the right foot, and rolling your feet into the sand. Use a 58-degree or 60-degree wedge to open the face and imagine the ball is buried. Use the club face to hit the sand behind the ball instead of directly hitting the ball, and use the inertia of the sand carried by the club head to lift the ball and rush out of the bunker.




   cause of formation


  The ball rolls from the edge of the bunker into the bunker and stays on the back edge of the bunker to form a downhill bunker ball position.




   Downhill pitch is not good for pilling, especially when the front bunker is high, many people can't hit the bunker in the first shot.


   processing method


Stand slightly wider, right shoulder high and left shoulder low, the center of gravity is placed on the left foot, shoulders are parallel to the ground, and your feet are pressed into the sand. Take the club with the largest face angle (58 degrees or 60 degrees) in the bag ), swing along the slope, make a steep upswing and downswing, keep the face open during the whole swing, and keep your wrists steady.


There are many situations in bunker balls. In the same bunker, different ball positions will require different strategies. In addition, the conditions of the bunker in different venues are different. The hardness of the sand will also affect our shot , So we only need to master the essentials and practice harder to deal with every bunker we encounter more easily.


   Have you mastered the above two bunker ball positions? Hurry up and practice with Wang Xinying! Learn this, you are the most beautiful boy in the sandpit!


   (Text, picture: Women's Central Tour)


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