The first Dongqian Lake Education Forum was held in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province on the 23rd. Jiang Xiaoyu, the former executive vice chairman of the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee and vice chairman of the Beijing Olympic City Development Promotion Association, accepted an exclusive interview with our reporter during the forum. He said that physical education and education have no separation of families, and it should be said that physical education should be included in the subject of education. At the same time, he also believes that the Beijing Winter Olympics will definitely leave a rich legacy for China.




   Recently, the General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council issued the "Opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening and Improving School Sports Work in the New Era." Jiang Xiaoyu said that this document mainly proposes some measures in response to the overall decline in the physical fitness of young people in China.


   Jiang Xiaoyu said that physical education is a part of the school’s overall work. The basic function of school physical education is to serve all students, requiring students to have a healthy body, a sound personality, and firm perseverance. Sports also have some special functions, allowing students to enjoy the pleasure of sports, achieve the so-called all-round development, and realize "sports wisdom" and "sports heart".


"School physical education has two aspects. On the one hand, it is to make every student a qualified graduate, builder and successor. On the other hand, it is necessary to cultivate some children with specialties in sports." Jiang Xiaoyu said, the so-called "physical education" "Integration" means that school sports and competitive sports are interconnected, mutually promoted, and coordinated to develop together to serve the education of people.


   But he also believes that special functions and basic functions should be distinguished. The basic function is the first; the special function, especially in the cultivation of competitive sports talents, is the second one. It cannot be emphasized or even absolute, otherwise it will go wrong.




   Regarding the entrance to the college entrance examination for sports that parents care about, Jiang Xiaoyu believes that this actually requires schools, parents, students, and even the society to form a consensus, which is to adhere to the educational philosophy of "health first". "Not long after the founding of New China, Chairman Mao put forward the students''three good's, and good health is the first priority. Only when such a consensus is reached can we agree on the necessity of some measures now."

关于父母关心的体育高考,江小玉认为,这lol比赛投注软件实际上需要学校,父母,学生乃至社会形成共识,坚持“健康第一”的教育理念。 。 “新中国成立不久,毛主席就向学生提出了“三好”的思想,健康是第一要务。只有在达成这样的共识后,我们才能商定现在采取某些措施的必要性。”

"How to deal with children's physical decline? It should be said that this is one of the effective measures we can take at this stage." He believes that increasing the weight of sports in the college entrance examination baton will guide the whole society to pay attention to the health of children and adolescents. This approach and direction are correct.


"Of course, the specific implementation needs to be divided into stages. Because in the past few years, everyone did not practice very much. If you start the exam now, there will definitely be opposition." Jiang Xiaoyu believes that if it is fully implemented every day from now on Hours of exercise program, after three years or so, you can get the job done.




  The 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing is getting closer and closer. Jiang Xiaoyu said that although the new crown pneumonia epidemic will affect this year, the preparations for the Winter Olympics are still progressing steadily and the impact is relatively small.


He believes that to successfully host the Beijing Winter Olympics, we must adhere to the bottom line thinking and take into account various situations and crises. Plan ahead and know well.


Jiang Xiaoyu said that although China has the experience of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, there are still many projects that have never been carried out in the Winter Olympics. Therefore, there are also great challenges for China. In this regard, we must deepen our work. Be careful and solid. "Only when we prepare ourselves for our work and deal with various challenges and risks in the future, can we be calm and calm, and run a wonderful, extraordinary and outstanding Beijing Winter Olympics."

姜晓瑜说,尽管中国有2008年北京奥运会的经验,但仍有许多冬季奥运会从未实施过的项目。因此,中国也面临着巨大的挑战。在这方面,我们必须深化我们的工作。小心而牢固。 “只有当我们为自己的工作做好准备并应对未来的各种挑战和风险时,我们才能保持冷静和冷静,并举办一场精彩,非凡而出色的北京冬季奥运会。”

   The 2008 Beijing Olympic Games left a rich legacy to China. Jiang Xiaoyu said that more and more attention has been paid to Olympic heritage work, and the International Olympic Committee has specifically put forward requirements in this regard. The Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee has also set up a Heritage Department, which has incorporated the heritage work into the overall plan from the beginning of the preparation work.


   "The heritage we are talking about should include three aspects: spiritual heritage, material heritage and talent." Jiang Xiaoyu believes that the Beijing Winter Olympics will definitely leave a rich Winter Olympic heritage for China.


  The Tokyo Olympic Games are postponed to next year due to the epidemic. Jiang Xiaoyu said that whether the Tokyo Olympics can be held as scheduled next year depends on many factors. In addition to Japan's own epidemic prevention and control situation, it also depends on the world's epidemic prevention and control situation. "We hope the Tokyo Olympics can be held smoothly." (End)

由于流行病,东京奥运会推迟到明年举行。姜晓瑜说,明年能否举办东京奥运会取决于很多因素。日本除了自身的流行病防控形势外,还取决于世界的流行病防控形势。我们希望东京奥运会能够顺利举行。” (结束)

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