Original title: Qinghai girl won the second place in the country!


[Qinghai girl won the second place in the country! On October 7, the reporter learned from the Qinghai Provincial Boxing Association that in the finals of the Chinese boxing team preparing for the Olympic Games in Baisha Li Autonomous County, Hainan Province, Qinghai contestant Zhang Jie won the 75 kg class runner-up. In this competition, 38 boxers from the Chinese boxing team, including Chang Yuan, Gu Hong, and Li Qian, who have obtained Olympic qualifications, and Shan Jun, a male team member, all appeared and competed for the championship. The Qinghai team has only one athlete, Zhang Jie, participating in the competition. In the competition, Zhang Jie dared to fight and dared not to be afraid of strong players, and showed her skills and tactics to the fullest. His wonderful performance and fierce confrontation pushed the atmosphere of the scene to a climax again and again, but eventually lost to the Chinese boxing team members. World champion Li Qian won the runner-up. Zhang Gang, chairman of the Provincial Boxing Association, said that Zhang Jie won the national championship in 2019. She has participated in the Kunlun Hero Golden Belt Competition many times. She is a key boxer trained in our province and an athlete preparing for the 2021 National Games in our province. This is her participation in a pre-match match of the National Women's Championship held in Qian'an on October 15. Reporter/Na Yutang

[青海姑娘获得全国第二名! 10月7日,记者从青海省拳击协会获悉,在中国拳击队在海南白沙黎族自治县备战奥运会的决赛中,青海选手张杰获得了75公斤级亚军。在本次比赛中,来自中国拳击队的38名拳击手,包括获得奥运会资格的常元,顾宏和李谦,以及男队队员山军都参加了比赛并争夺冠军。青海队只有一名运动员张杰参lol比赛投注软件加比赛。在比赛中,张洁敢于战斗,不惧怕强大的球员,并充分展示了自己的技巧和战术。他出色的表现和激烈的对抗将场面的气氛一次又一次推向高潮,但最终输给了中国拳击队。世界冠军李谦获得亚军。省拳击协会理事长张刚说,张杰在2019年获得全国冠军。她多次参加昆仑英雄金腰带大赛。她是我省训练的关键拳击手,也是我省为2021年全运会做准备的运动员。这是她参加10月15日在迁安举行的全国女子锦标赛的赛前比赛。

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