Tiger Fighting, October 5 According to the official report of the "Football" newspaper, the resignation of Li Xiaopeng mentioned in Luneng's official announcement due to physical reasons is not an excuse, and Li Xiaopeng's body is indeed in trouble.


"Football" newspaper official Bo wrote:


Regarding Li Xiaopeng’s resignation as head coach, Luneng’s official announcement stated that it was due to physical reasons. The reporter also learned that this is by no means an excuse. Li Xiaopeng’s resignation may have multiple reasons, but his physical condition is indeed. One of the important factors: As early as during the Dalian competition, Li Xiaopeng's body was not very good. He once had a high fever. He had scraped the chest, throat and other parts before. His condition was shocking. Taking into account the situation of the team at the time, Li Xiaopeng has also been ill to finish the team's games in the Dalian Division.


I hope that Li Xiaopeng will recover as soon as possible, and also look forward to Hao Wei to lead the team to good results in the second stage.


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