In the early morning of March 12th, Atletico Madrid defeated Liverpool 3-2 at Anfield and eliminated the defending champion in the most Atletico style to advance to the Champions League quarterfinals. Liverpool, which dominated the game, was eventually eliminated by the Rockets Lloren with 2 shots and 1 pass. The mistake of Liverpool's substitute Adrian became a turning point in the game. But in addition to Llorente and Oblak's bravery and Adrian's low-level turnovers, what other problems did Liverpool have that ultimately led to the home game? Let's analyze them one by one.


Atletico this season, stumbled in the league, the meritorious Simeone has even been questioned many times that he should be dismissed. But looking carefully at the league data this season, Atletico Madrid is still one of the teams that have conceded the fewest goals. After 27 rounds, they only conceded 21 goals and ranked second in La Liga, just like Real Madrid, the city's opponent with the fewest goals. On the offensive end, the sheet army is always hard to find a sense.


In La Liga, conceded the second fewest goals, so Atletico did not really fall behind in the league. In addition to Barcelona and Real Madrid in the first group, Atletico Madrid is only two points behind the third-placed Seville, not too far behind. The Sheets are also the team with the second fewest conceded in the entire 5 major leagues. Interestingly, Atletico Madrid's opponent Liverpool also lost 21 goals in the league. In addition, Atletico Madrid’s excellent defense is also evident in the Champions League. In addition to the just-concluded match with Liverpool, Atletico only lost 3 goals in the previous Champions League group stage. Iron-blooded defense is what an offensive team like Liverpool is afraid of.


It is also Atletico, who is good at counterattacking, against Liverpool, which is defensively improved, so fans can enjoy such a wonderful peak matchup at Anfield. The final winner is still the familiar sheet army. Atletico Madrid are best at playing with a score of 1-0. After a small victory in the first round, Atletico Madrid once again eliminated the defending champion with an iconic iron defense + counterattack in the second round at Anfield Atletico.


At the beginning, Liverpool saw the attitude of the Atletico Madrid team: In the 13th minute of the game, Liverpool attacked from the right, and Chamberlain finally completed a threatening shot. But in the live video, including Atletico Oblak, all 11 Atletico players appeared in the camera, and we once again saw the scene of Atletico Madrid's defense. In this game, this situation occurred more than once.

一开始,利物浦就看到了马德里竞技队的态度:在比赛的第13分钟,利物浦从右侧发动进攻,张伯伦最终完成了一次威胁性射击。但是在现场视频中,包括Atletico Oblak在内,所有11位Atletico球员都出现在摄像机中,我们再次看到了Atletico Madrid的防守场面。在这个游戏中,这种情况发生了不止一次。

Klopp's team is well-known for its dedication to attacking. It is with such a passionate play, coupled with the talents of Mane and Salah, Liverpool is the most passionate team in football. But in the face of Atletico Madrid, which is already known for defense, Liverpool has invested a lot of troops on the offensive end, and the attention of the defensive end has lost its previous focus.


Although Atletico’s overtake goal in the game is Llorente’s personal ability, Liverpool’s defense also bears certain responsibilities. In the final stage of the first half of the extra time, Atletico Madrid formed a counterattack and Morata dribbled the ball from the side. At this time, Liverpool had 3 defensive players in front of the goal, and Liverpool had a chance to break the ball in the case of 3 on 2 locally, but After Llorente got the ball, central defender Joe Gomez did not grab the ball in time and allowed Llorente to adjust the time. When Henderson stepped forward to block it, it was too late, which eventually led to the goal. This ball completely defeated Liverpool's psychological defense.

尽管马竞在比赛中的超越目标是洛伦特的个人能力,但利物浦的防守也要承担某些责任。在上半场比赛lol比赛投注的最后阶段,马德里竞技队进行了一次反击,莫拉塔从侧面运球。此时,利物浦在球门前有3名防守球员,在本地3比2的情况下,利物浦有机会将球打破,但在洛伦特(Llorente)拿到球后,中后卫乔·戈麦斯(Joe Gomez)没有抓住皮球时间并允许Llorente调整时间。当亨德森上前阻止它时,为时已晚,最终实现了目标。这个球彻底击败了利物浦的心理防守。

At this point, Klopp, who advocates offense, hits Simeone who is good at defense.


Klopp's team can lead the Premier League by a large margin, and the offensive ability is undoubted. Even Atletico Madrid could not really contain Liverpool's offense. Wijnaldum and Firmino’s goals drove Anfield into a frenzy, but there was another problem with Liverpool at the goalkeeper. Carius’ mistakes in the Champions League final two years ago are still vivid. It is for this reason. Field did not hesitate to spend 80 million euros in the introduction of Allison. However, the Brazilian goalkeeper missed the stage with a few injuries in the pre-match training. No one expected that Adrian would once again become "Carius" after playing stable.

克洛普(Klopp)的球队可以大幅度领先英超,而且进攻能力毋庸置疑lol比赛投注。甚至马德里竞技队也无法真正遏制利物浦的进攻。 Wijnaldum和Firmino的进球使安菲尔德陷入疯狂,但是利物浦在守门员身上还有另一个问题。卡里乌斯两年前在欧洲冠军联赛决赛中的失误仍然很生动。因为这个原因。菲尔特毫不犹豫地斥资8000万欧元引进了艾里森。然而,巴西守门员在赛前训练中因受伤缺席了比赛。没有人期望阿德里安打稳后会再次成为“卡里乌斯”。

In stark contrast is the Atletico goalkeeper Oblak, the Slovenian goalkeeper contributed 11 saves in this game and won the UEFA player's best player of the game. After the game, Liverpool striker Firmino had to praise Oblak. At the press conference, Simeone praised Oblak as the best in the world.


Last summer, Zidane underwent a radical renewal of Real Madrid. Marcos Llorente, known as the Prince of Bernabeu with pure Real Madrid blood, was also excluded from Zidane's new season plan. The descendants of the legendary superstar Gento were sold to Atletico Madrid for 40 million euros. This season, Real Madrid's young player Valverde suddenly emerged. Just as people were applauding for Qi Zu's decision, Llorente used such a perfect play to crush Questioned. Although Llorente is talented, Simeone's on-the-spot command is also the key.

去年夏天,齐达内对皇马进行了彻底的更新。马科斯·洛伦特(Marcos Llorente)被称为伯纳乌亲王(Prince of Bernabeu),拥有纯皇家马德里血统,也被排除在齐达lol比赛投注软件内的新赛季计划之外。传奇巨星Gento的后代以4000万欧元的价格卖给了马德里竞技队。这个赛季,皇马的年轻球员瓦尔韦德突然出现。就像人们为齐祖的决定鼓掌一样,洛伦特(Llorente)运用了如此完美的表现来压制《质疑》。尽管Llorente有才华,但Simeone的现场指挥也是关键。

In this game Simeone arranged a parallel 442 formation, Felix and Diego Costa partnered with the striker. This lineup is not ideal on the offensive end, Costa is in a sluggish state, Felix is ​​unable to provoke the backbone of the offense, and even Cork's performance is not satisfactory. But it was this Atletico Madrid that finally reversed Liverpool. Obviously this is not just the outstanding performance of Oblak and Llorente, and the low-level mistakes made by Adrian to create New City.

在这场比赛中Simeone安排了平行442编队,Felix和Diego Costa与前锋搭档。这种阵容在进攻端并不理想,科斯塔处于低迷状态,费利克斯无法挑起进攻的骨干,甚至科克的表现也不尽人意。但是正是马德里竞技最终扭转了利物浦的状态。显然,这不仅仅是Oblak和Llorente的出色表现,以及Adrian在创建新城市方面犯下的低级错误。

Compared with Simeone's 442, Klopp continued to have an attacking formation of 433, and the trident of invincibility in the Premier League also gave Anfield fans unlimited expectations. But compared to Simeone with a goal in hand, Liverpool obviously hopes too much to win at home, which can be seen from the substitution of Klopp. Among the 4 players replaced by Liverpool in this game, in addition to Fabinho who has a certain defensive ability, Milner, Minano Takumi and Origi all appeared to strengthen the attack. In fact, there is no problem with substitutions, but Klopp always releases a signal on the field: to attack, and even want to completely defeat Atletico. But after Robertson's header was rejected by the crossbar, it was clear that the protagonist of this game was no longer Liverpool.


After this game, Liverpool only has the Premier League left. With 9 games left, as long as they can win two games, they can win the Premier League early. After defeating the defending champion, Atletico Madrid also broke everyone's previous doubts. What kind of performance the Bedsheets Corps can do in the future has made fans look forward to.

这场比赛之后,利物浦只剩下英超联赛。剩下9场比赛,只要他们能赢得两场比赛,他们就可以早日赢得英超联赛。在击败卫冕冠军后,马德里竞技也打破了所有人先前的疑虑。 Bedsheets Corps将来可以做什么样的表现,已经引起了歌迷的期待。

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