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   This time, during the national team training in a special period, the Japan Football Association has set the location for the warm-up training in the Netherlands.




On October 1, the Japanese national team announced the latest national team training roster. It reappeared after nearly a year. It naturally attracted strong attention from the Japanese media. In the 25-man roster selected by coach Morihoichi, except for the leading Liverpool player Minano In addition to Takumi, the "Japanese Messi" Kenhide Kubo and veteran Shinji Okazaki, who played in La Liga this season, were successfully selected, and there were as many as seven Olympic-aged players, etc., which aroused expectations and discussions in Japan. Of course, the more important point is that all the players of the Japanese national team play for European clubs. This national team composed entirely of European players is also the first in the history of Japanese football. It can be said that Japanese football "leaves Asia and enters Europe". It took another big step forward, and this was achieved when European players like striker Asano Takuma and midfielder Hashimoto Boxer were unable to be selected due to the relatively serious local epidemic.


In the 23-man squad for the World Preliminary Match against Mongolia in October 2019, Morihoichi recruited 20 overseas players to come back to investigate. In the end, the Japanese team beat their opponents easily with 6 goals in the away game. This is also Japan with the highest proportion of overseas players. For the national team, the statistics stayed at 87%, but this time Morihoichi directly increased this ratio to 100%.


It is worth mentioning that in the 2019 Asian Cup final against the host Qatar, although the starting midfielder Shioyaji played for the UAE team Al Ain, at that time the Japanese national team’s 11 starting players were all composed of overseas players. , Became the first time in history, and the coach who created this historical moment is now Mori.

值得一提的是,在2019年亚洲杯决赛中,对阵东道主卡塔尔的比赛中,尽管首发中场Shioyaji为阿联酋队艾因队效力,但当时日本国家队的11名首发球员都是海外球员。 ,成为历史上的第一次,而创造这一历史时刻的教练现在是森。



   The historical moment of the full Europeanization of the Japanese team is certainly not attributed to the eclectic nature of the local coach named Morihoichi. The most important thing is the long-term development of Japanese football and some external factors.


   As early as September 11, the Japanese Football Association announced on the online press conference that it would play an international friendly match against Côte d’Ivoire and Cameroon on the International Match Day in October. The venue of the match was scheduled to be in the Netherlands. Affected by the new crown epidemic, the Japanese national team's six games originally scheduled for March, June and September this year were forced to cancel, including four world preliminaries and two warm-up matches.


If the games are not arranged during the two international match days in October and November, it means that the Japanese national team will not be shown in the public in 2020. From the perspective of the Japanese Football Association, whether it is technical and tactical run-in or commercial level, it will It is unacceptable, but all parts of the world are facing the interference of various factors such as the epidemic and immigration. Finding the right opponent and summoning the players that the coach Morihoichi wants are actually difficult.


Since the training and competition are based in the Netherlands, players who choose to play in Europe are not required to be isolated and quarantined. The Japanese Football Association has also arranged for its players and opponents to conduct new crown virus tests before the game to ensure safety. Second, although it is in accordance with past practices Every time the Japanese national team gathers, it will definitely reserve a place for the J-League players and encourage the fighting spirit of the local football players. However, due to the intensive local J-League schedule and collisions on international match days, plus 14 days of quarantine after returning home Both of these are too detrimental to the interests of the J-League team. Morihoichi has been coaching Sanfrecce Hiroshima for many years. It will naturally not be difficult for others. The release of a fully Europeanized Japanese team list is a smooth matter.

由于培训和比赛都在荷兰进行,因此选择在欧洲玩的球员不需要被隔离和隔离。日本足球协会还安排其球员和对手在赛前进行新的冠状病毒测试,以确保安全。其次,尽管这是按照过去的惯例进行的,但日本国家队每次聚会都必将为J联赛球员保留一席之地,并鼓励当地足球运动员的斗志。但是,由于当地J联赛的紧张安排和国际比赛日的冲突,加上返乡后的14天隔离,这两种情况都不利于J联赛的利益。森保一多年来一直在Sanfrecce Hiroshima担任教练。对于其他人来说自然不会困难。发布完全欧洲化的日本队名单是一件容易的事。

But in the final analysis, the most important reason is the development of Japanese football. In the past ten years, the Japanese team has been relying on overseas players to take on the heavy responsibility. The core of the previous generation of Japanese team Keisuke Honda, Shinji Kagawa and Makoto Hasebe have been in Europe for many years. But now the number of Japanese players playing in Europe is so large that they can fill the entire national team roster without any dead ends, and there is even a lot of room for selection and competition.


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