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  Bill bought a house in Los Angeles? What signal is this again?


The well-known magazine Variety reported that real estate records show that the largest house in Venice Beach, Los Angeles, was sold for $6.8 million, the highest transaction price record for the community this year. The buyers were Wizards star Bill and his wife. Adams.

著名杂志《 Variety》报道,房地产记录显示,洛杉矶威尼斯海滩最大的房子以680万美元的价格售出,是今年社区最高的交易价格记录。买主是奇才明星比尔和他的妻子。亚当斯。

   Last month, the Bill and his wife sold their Virginia house to a local pizzeria owner for 3.5 million US dollars. They turned around and bought this 6.8 million US dollar house!


The property has an area of ​​about 669 square meters and is full of luxurious facilities, including a wine cellar, gym, yoga room, home cinema, etc., equipped with the most advanced smart home technology. In addition, there are 9 toilets alone. Sometimes You also wonder why there are so many designs for foreigners' big houses.


   But why Bill would buy a house in Los Angeles has become a topic.


   It is said that if a couple has the mentality of not being able to invest only, there is indeed no need to buy such a luxurious house, so it is not difficult to associate him with the two teams in Los Angeles.


   The Lakers are still on their way to winning the championship. They definitely don’t have time to worry about next season. Even if they worry about it, they probably won’t go to Bill. After all, they don’t have much chips and there is not enough salary space.


   But the Clippers are different. Although all the draft picks are dedicated to the Thunder, it does not mean that the team does not intend to rebuild. After all, this season is really shameless, and it is inevitable to do some moves.


   First they fired Rivers. At first we thought it was the old man who took the initiative to resign, but later we learned that the boss Ballmer drove him, or he drove it after consulting Xiaoka. . . . . .

首先,他们开除了里弗斯。最初,我们认为是主动提出辞职的是老人,但后来我们得知老板鲍尔默(Ballmer)开车辞职,或者他在咨询小卡(Xiaoka)之后便辞职。 。 。 。 。 。

This is not surprising, both times the Wang bombing lineup can make Rivers be counterattacked 3-1. If you change skills, you are the boss and I have to drive him. Surprised is Rivers. He thinks he should not be fired. , I wonder if Lao Li hasn't reacted from the playoffs yet, so hurry up and prepare for the next stop.

这不足为奇,两次王氏轰炸阵容都可以使里弗斯3-1反击。如果你改变技能,那你就是老板,我必须开车。令人惊讶的是河流。他认为自己不应该被解雇。 ,我想知道老李是否还没有对季后赛做出反应,所以快点准备下一个站。

   After the coach is dismissed, it must be a player. The US media had previously revealed that the Clippers and the Wizards had a specific transaction plan for the Clippers to send George + Harrell (sign and then change) to the Wizards Bill + Wagner. . . . . .

解散教练后,必须是一名球员。美国媒体此前曾透露,快船队和奇才队有一个特定的交易计划,快船队将乔治+哈雷尔(签下然后换人)送给奇才比尔+瓦格纳。 。 。 。 。 。

   It was Wall who could facilitate this transaction.


Wasn't Wall coming back next season? The Wizards may have to decide whether to make this deal based on Wall's status. But Bill has bought the house in Los Angeles. Will it be possible to say if he is not a Wall by then? Forget it.


   But this deal also looks strange. George and Harrell’s bargaining chips seem to be very rich, but in fact there is a mystery.


First of all, George's worth is basically spent because of his performance in the playoffs this season; Harrell is the first Clippers player to be at odds with George. The two will also be teammates after packing together. So Harrell is very likely to be traded again, not to mention that this kid has only two words in his mind now-the maximum salary.


   The Clippers knew they couldn't keep him, so packing him with George was the best decision. The key question was whether they could be sent out.


   Once the package contract is sent away, the Clippers have completed a quick small reorganization. As long as the small card is still there, they will still be eligible to hit the championship next season.


   Are you looking forward to the combination of Bill + Kaka, or do you prefer to keep the double striker of George + Kaka?

您是期待Bill + Kaka的合并,还是希望保留George + Kaka的双重前锋?

   Recently, a golfer left a message to the skill,


   I hope to create a WeChat group for NBA playoffs!


   So today, you have established a few groups,


  There are Lakers, Heat, and Greens


   I want to come in and talk about the NBA with my friends, exchange skills,


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  Ps: If you have added it, just find the skill Jun and pull the group directly


   do not add repeatedly


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