[Any posture is fine! PS5 will not affect the heat dissipation if placed horizontally and vertically] Sony’s next-generation console PS5 will be available soon. According to official information, the PS5 will be one of the largest consoles in history. The larger volume means that the host has a more powerful fan cooling system. Therefore, many players are more concerned about whether the placement of the host will affect heat dissipation.


Recently, Yohei Ono, the vice president of Sony's design department, talked about the design of the PS5 in an interview with Japanese media 4Gamer. He explained the internal design of the host's liquid metal cooling system and other internal designs. At the same time, I also answered that the placement of the host will not affect the heat dissipation. He said that although the mainframe design looks like it dissipates heat in a vertical direction, it is actually the same whether it is vertical or horizontal.

最近,索尼设计部门副总裁小野洋平(Yohei Ono)在接受日本媒体4Gamer采访时谈到了PS5的设计。他解释lol比赛投注软件了主机的液态金属冷却系统的内部设计以及其他内部设计。同时,我也回答说,主机的放置不会影响散热。他说,尽管大型机设计看起来像是在垂直方向上散热,但无论垂直还是水平,实际上都是一样的。

"This is a common problem. From a designer's point of view, there is no difference in cooling performance between vertical and horizontal. Some people may think that due to the chimney effect, the heat dissipation efficiency of vertical placement should be higher. But in active In the cooling system of the fan, the chimney effect is within the measurement error level. Whether it is horizontal or vertical, it can operate according to the specification. Personally, I prefer to place it vertically so that you can see the top and bottom of the'PS logo'. "

“这是一个普遍的问题。从设计人员的角度来看,垂直和水平方向的冷却性能没有区别。有人可能会认为,由于烟囱效应,垂直放置的散热效率应该更高。但是active在风扇的冷却系统中,烟囱效应处于测量误差水平之内,无论是水平还是垂直的,它都可以根据规范进行操作。就个人而言,我更喜欢将其垂直放置,以便可以看到顶部和底部。 “ PS徽标”的底部。”

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