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On the evening of October 12th, in the "Football 100 Points" column of Beijing Sports Channel, former international footballer Xu Liang as a guest predicted the focus of the second stage of the Chinese Super League championship group. In his opinion, the Beijing-Luzhou war against Guoan will definitely occupy the scene. Advantages, Luneng will shrink defense, no matter how Luneng changes to Guoan can win.


There is less than a week before the start of the second stage of the Super League, and the multiple matchups between the championship group and the relegation group are also full of highlights. However, the most important thing is the rivalry between Guoan and Luneng. Therefore, Beijing Sports Channel "Football 100 Points" invited guests Xu Liang and Wang Changqing to express their personal views.


After the host put forward the view that "Since the 1990s, it has been very expensive for Guoan to fight Luneng", Xu Liang joked: "I am not chanting. I am not struggling to fight Shandong. It’s the ball, why not look back or ask if there is still a place in the team?"


Subsequently, Xu Liang talked about his personal views on this game. In his opinion, Guoan needs to pay attention but there is no suspense about promotion. "Shandong is a team that overcomes the strong and fears the weak. He often becomes a nightmare for strong teams. But often let the weak team get three points on him. They were in this situation before. Over the years, they often have this kind of problem. Therefore, as a strong team, Guoan must pay attention. Jinglu fights Guoan. It will definitely take the advantage of the scene, Luneng will shrink and defend, no matter how Luneng changes to Guoan, it can win."

随后,徐亮谈到了自己对这款游戏的看法。他认为,国安需要注意,但晋升没有任何悬念。 “山东是一支战胜强者而惧怕弱者的球队。他经常成为强者的噩梦。但常常让弱者获得三分。他们以前处于这种情况。多年来,他们经常遇到这样的情况。问题,因此国安作为一支强大的球队必须引起注意。靖鹿与国安作战。这一定会占据优势,鲁能会收缩并防守,无论鲁能如何改变为国安,都可以获胜。”

At the same time, Xu Liang believes that the role of Luneng, especially Pellet, is declining, which is fatal to Luneng. “Pellet’s current situation in the team is not very good. Not only is the physical or data bad, but also Including the popularity in the team. The things that have been shown on the court, such as the feeling of the big brother, have all come out. This was not there before, and there will not be when he first came. I feel his position in the minds of other players It won’t be very high. This will definitely be affected during the game."

同时,徐亮认为鲁能,尤其是佩莱特的作用正在下降,这对鲁能是致命的。 “佩莱特目前在球队中的状况不是很好。这不仅对身体或数据造成不良影响,还包括团队中的知名度。在球场上表现出来的东西,例如大哥的感觉,都已经出来了。这是以前没有的,他第一次来的时候也没有。我觉得他在其他球员心目中的位置不会很高。这肯定会在比赛中受到影响。”

In fact, Luneng is very experienced in playing Guoan in the league and has accumulated a lot of winning experience. One of the most classic games was the 2017 Luneng match against Guoan Tianwangshan. In this game, Wu Xinghan completely defeated Guoan's defense. After the first stage of the season, Li Xiaopeng, the coach of the Luneng team at the time, also said that he is an old opponent with Guoan and prefers to play against opponents like Guoan.


In predicting other competitions, Xu Liang believed that Shenhua could win the Shanghai Derby. "I played there and understood better. The bottom line lies there. Shenhua has never lost when I was there. It is better than SIPG. Shenhua is not in the knockout round. It must be at a disadvantage." Wang Changqing added: "Shenhua's final fourth gold content is higher than ours, and the posture is lower. Fight with you. The more this mentality is in the knockout, the more possible it is."

在预测其他比赛时,徐亮认为申花可以赢得上海德比大赛。 “我在那里打球,理解得更好。最重要的是那里。申花当我在那里从来没有输过。比SIPG更好。申花不在淘汰赛中。它肯定处于不利地位。”王长青补充说:“申花的最后四个含金量比我们高,姿势也较低。与您搏斗。淘汰赛中这种心态越多,可能性就越大。”

(Text/Huang He)


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