Tiger Fight, October 13th Sam Wallace of the Daily Telegraph continued to attack. He once again broke the news of a clause in the PBP (Project Big Picture) draft in yesterday’s column, and the news of this clause also continued to cause Very big controversy of public opinion.

10月13日,《每日电讯报》的萨姆·华莱士(Sam Wallace)继续与老虎搏斗。他在昨天的专栏中再次爆出了PBP(Project Big Picture)草案中一个条款的消息,而该条款的消息也继续引起公众舆论的极大争议。

The content of this clause is,


The Daily Telegraph broke the news that they have seen the details of the latest draft of the PBP (Project Big Picture) jointly drafted by Manchester United and Liverpool, including that they will provide some subsidies for clubs that take the initiative to rebuild their home stadiums, as well as for those historic Work provides some compensatory subsidies. The draft of PBP (Project Big Picture) has been revised 18 times.

《每日电讯报》爆料说,他们已经看到了曼联和利物浦联合起草的最新PBP(大图计划)的细节,包括他们将为主动重建其主场馆的俱乐部提供一些补贴。 ,以及为那些历史性的作品提供了一些补偿性补贴。 PBP(大计划)草案已被修订18次。

According to the "Infrastructure Funding" clause in the PBP (Project Big Picture) draft document, the Premier League club will allocate 150 million pounds from the fund bank each year to subsidize the club's home stadium repair and reconstruction in the name of aid. . If this club has played in the Premier League for 12 years in the past 15 years, then they will be able to apply for up to 250 million pounds of hard expenditure subsidy funds, which will allow them to reduce some land acquisition and some professional expenses. .

根据PBP(Big Big Picture)草案文件中的“基础设施资金”条款,英超俱乐部每年将从基金银行中拨款1.5亿英镑,以援助的名义补贴俱乐部的主场维修和重建。 。如果该俱乐部在过去15年中在英超联赛中效力了12年,那么他们将能够申请高达2.5亿英镑的硬支出补贴资金,这将使他们减少一些土地征用和一些专业支出。 。

In the past ten years, eight of the past ten years have played in the Premier League for a maximum of 150 million pounds. A team that has been in the Premier League in the past four years can receive a maximum of 100 million pounds. The club can also retrospect the past funding expenditures. Compensation.


The PBP (Project Big Picture) proposal stated: “Any club that has completed a project with a minimum expenditure of not less than £50 million in the past ten years is considered eligible. And they will pass PBP (Project Big Picture). Picture) project, up to 50% of the funds can be recovered. Because of this clause, Tottenham, Liverpool, Manchester City and Brighton will all recover 25% of the funds due to renovation projects completed in the past 15 years.

PBP(Project Big Picture)提案指出:“在过去十年中,任何已经完成一项至少支出不少于5000万英镑的项目的俱乐部都被视为合格。他们将通过PBP(大计划)。图片)项目中,最多可以收回50%的资金。由于有此条款,热刺,利物浦,曼城和布赖顿都将收回过去15年中完成的翻新项目的25%的资金。

Premier League champions Liverpool also plans to further rebuild their home stadium at Anfield. They want to continue to expand the Anfield stand, and this expansion will cost 60 million pounds. According to the terms of the PBP (Project Big Picture) proposal, they will be able to apply for the recovery of half (that is, £30 million) of the reconstruction funds, and their city rival Everton may apply for compensation of close to 250 million because they are in 500 million pounds were spent on the new Bramley Moore stadium.

英超联赛冠军利物浦还计划进一步重建他们在安菲尔德的主场体育场。他们希望继续扩大安菲尔德的展位,而这项扩展将耗资6000万英镑。根据PBP(Project Big Picture)提案的条款,他们将能够申请收回一半的重建资金(即3,000万英镑),而他们的城市竞争对手Everton可以申请接近2.5亿英镑是因为它们以5亿英镑的价格在新的布拉姆利摩尔球场上花费。

The Premier League has studied the PBP (Project Big Picture) draft, and they believe that if the draft is adopted and passed, the gap between the rich and the poor between the top clubs and other bottom clubs will be further widened. At present, the current league rules are the fairest league in football, and the ratio of the revenue from TV broadcasting for the No. 1 club to the No. 20 club is 1 to 1.7.

英超联赛已经研究了PBP(Project Big Picture)草案,他们认为,如果采纳并通过该草案,顶级俱乐部和其他底层俱乐部之间的贫富差距将进一步扩大。目前,目前的联赛规则是足球中最公平的联赛,排名第一的俱乐部与排名第二的俱乐部的电视广播收入之比为1:1.7。

Finally, according to the PBP (Project Big Picture) proposal, the Premier League will tell its club members that by the end of the 2025-26 season, after all transition work and procedures are completed,

最后,根据PBP(Project Big Picture)提案,英超联赛将告知其俱乐部成员,到2025-26赛季结束后,所有过渡工作和程序都将完成,

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