Now everyone discusses the topic of the NBA from the Heat and the Lakers who can win the championship to who can win the FMVP, because the Lakers have a 3-1 lead over the Heat, and G5 will wear the black Mamba that has maintained a complete victory so far. Jersey, so the outside world generally believes that the Lakers won the championship has no problem. The FMVP is a single award. From the current point of view, James and Big Eyebrow are the most promising Lakers players to win this award. Pippen had said that he must be James in an interview before that he must take off his hat.

现在,每个人都从热火和可以赢得冠军的湖人队到可以赢得FMVP的湖人队讨论NBA的话题,因为湖人队在热火队上以3-1领先,而G5会穿上保持着到目前为止,取得了全部胜利。泽西岛,所以外界普遍认为湖人夺得冠军没有问题。 FMVP是一个奖项。从目前的角度来看,詹姆斯和大眉毛是赢得这一奖项的最有前途的湖人球员。皮蓬曾说过,在脱掉帽子之前,他必须是詹姆斯。

However, not everyone believes that James will lead the thick eyebrows to win the FMVP honor. Among them, as one of Fox Sports’ most famous commentators, Skip Bayless Bayless said on social media that the thick eyebrows are more qualified than James The honor of the most valuable player in the final, and even a data comparison:

但是,并非所有人都相信詹姆斯会带领眉毛赢得FMVP荣誉。其中,作为福克斯体育公司最著名的评论员之一,Skip Bayless Bayless在社交媒体上表示,浓密的眉毛比詹姆斯更有资格。决赛中最有价值的球员的荣誉,甚至是数据比较:

"The following content is not my fiction, neither exaggeration nor deliberate provocation. James has made up to 14 turnovers in the first two games. Among them, in the fourth quarter of the game, James made 0 of 9 three-pointers. He made 17 of 17 free throws and made 55% of his three-pointers. He also actively asked to defend Butler and he defended very well. So can we still say that James leads the FMVP battle?"

“以下内容不是我的小说,既不是夸张也不是故意挑衅。詹姆斯在前两场比赛中贡献了14次失误。其中,在比赛的第四季度,詹姆斯在9个三分球中贡献了0分。 17个罚球中的17个罚球,三分球命中率达到55%。他还主动要求防守巴特勒,而且防守很好。那么我们还能说詹姆斯领导FMVP战斗吗?”

Bayless is known as the "famous James Black" in the eyes of fans. Many of his remarks are "anti-James". Of course, Bayless has also gained a high degree of attention because of such remarks. This time, he pushed for the MVP with his strong eyebrows, but it disgusted many fans, saying that Bayless only said some data that the thick eyebrows are stronger than James, and they are all very one-sided. What you need to know is the rebounds, assists and In terms of key passes and other aspects, James is a complete victory over the thick eyebrow brother, so Bayless has nothing to say, only to compare the three-pointers at the end, and it is still G1 and G2!


Of course, whether it is James or the thick eyebrow brother who wins the FMVP honor, these two friends are currently most concerned about. What they hope is to win the championship in the next game, and James won his first finals in the Western Conference team. , And also represented the third team in his career to win the championship. And Brother Nongmei thinks more about winning his first championship trophy. As for individual honors, I am afraid that Zhanmei combination is secondary.

当然,无论是James还是赢得FMVP荣誉的眉毛兄弟,这两个朋友目前都是最受关注的。他们希望在下一场比赛中赢得冠军,而詹姆斯在西部会议队赢得了自己的第一个总决赛。 ,并且代表了他职业生涯中的第三支球队赢得冠军。农美弟兄更想获得他的第一个冠军奖杯。至于个人荣誉,恐怕詹美组合是次要的。

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