【lol比赛投注软件】狗血!切尔西球员女友出轨 偷情对象是阿森纳球员


   The British media "Daily Star" recently broke the news of a football lace, and the "Sun" also reprinted it. The girlfriend of a Chelsea player cheats on others behind his back, and the target is an Arsenal player.


   reported that earlier this year, the Chelsea player and the girl met through mutual friends on an outing, and then started chatting on social media. The Chelsea player took the woman to shop and eat, and she was deeply impressed. The girl also flew to London to see him. Recently, the girl also asked the Chelsea player to pay for the luxury hotel.


   But what the Chelsea player didn't know was that his girlfriend still had a relationship with an Arsenal player. The insider revealed: “It seems that the hatred between the two teams is not deep enough. This girl has always been between the two players, but the two players did not know the existence of each other. They both called her through short messages to arrange Spend time with her, so this girl has been meeting with them."


   "This girl is young, free, and unmarried, so she can date anyone who wants to date her, but when these two players finally meet on the court, things will definitely become interesting."




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