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Overtime and penalty kicks have been added to Qualifying 2.0. I believe that many players and friends have experienced this kind of unstoppable feeling.

Qualifying 2.0中已添加了加班和罚球。相信很多玩家和朋友都经历过这种不可阻挡的感觉。

In the previous push, we talked about the physical talents who can show their talents in overtime. Now let's take a look at which players are better at penalty shootouts-this issue we will start with the goalkeeper.




Different from the real world, in FIFA ONLINE 4, it is easier to pounce a penalty kick. Most of the time, as long as we judge whether the right direction is facing left or right, find the right time, push the handle, our goalkeeper can give the penalty kick Throw it out.

与现实世界不同,在FIFA ONLINE 4中,罚点球更加轻松。在大多数情况下,只要我们判断正确的方向是向左还是向右,找到正确的时间,按一下手柄,我们的守门员就可以将点球踢出去。

Of course, goalkeeper butter is a small part of the game. For example, Seaman is too stable in the game.


As one of the most impressive goalkeepers in the game, with Seaman's attributes, he is unlikely to make too many low-level errors.


Tall goalkeeper recommended


In the game, when the abilities are similar, tall goalkeepers will have an advantage in saving. The reason is simple-a taller figure can cover a larger area, even if they have not yet arrived. You can still stretch out your hand to hit the ball; or after you have made a save action, stretch your leg to block the ball flying in the middle.


In qualifying, these are all life-saving operations.


The animation shows the young England goalkeeper D. Henderson, who played well during the rental period and is now recalled by the Red Devils.

动画显示年轻的英格兰守门员D. Henderson在租车期间表现出色,现在被红魔​​召回。

With his outstanding performance at Sheffield United last season, D. Henderson also won a place in the 20TOTS season when he returned to Manchester United. Henderson's save is solid, the model is tall, Manchester United fans, don't miss it!

凭借上赛季在谢菲尔德联队的出色表现,亨德森(D. Henderson)回到曼联也赢得了20TOTS赛季的冠军。亨德森的救球扎实,模特高大,曼联球迷,不要错过!

Although Henderson's current price is not cheap, Henderson's attributes are obviously more competitive than De Gea.

尽管亨德森的当前价格并不便宜,但亨德森的属性显然比De Gea更具竞争力。

In the 210 salary version, assigning 16 salary to the goalkeeper is not a particularly extravagant thing. Donnarumma, the representative of the tall and long goalkeeper, is 196 tall. When his arms are fully open, there is a wall in front of the door.


HOT Donnarumma needs 16 wages and 7 cards, its goalkeeper response value combined with the team set can be very popular. There is no doubt that this is an eye-catching attribute. More importantly, we can win such a goalkeeper as long as more than 10 billion. The price/performance ratio can be said to be excellent. The price of the GR Donnarumma gold card with the same ability value is about twice as high as that of the HOT card.

HOT Donnarumma需要16工资和7卡,它的守门员反应价值与球队组合相结合会非常受欢迎。毫无疑问,这是一个引人注目的属性。更重要的是,我们只要赢得超过100亿个门将就能赢得这样的守门员。性价比可以说是极好的。具有相同能力值的GR Donnarumma金卡的价格大约是HOT卡的两倍。

Courtois will be the high gate similar to Donnarumma.


What we recommend here is MOG Courtois' 6 card, 17 salary is slightly higher, but it is not unacceptable. His current price in the transfer market is in his early ten billion.

我们在这里推荐的是MOG Courtois的6卡,17卡的薪水稍高,但这并不是不可接受的。他目前在转lol比赛投注会市场的价格为100亿美lol比赛投注软件元。

The attributes of the GR Courtois 7 card are weaker than the former, but the price is only more than 3 billion, which can be said to be a very affordable goalkeeper.

GR Courtois 7卡的属性比前者要弱,但价格仅超过30亿美元,可以说是一个非常实惠的守门员。

There is another high goal general worth mentioning, and that is Van der Sar.


The former Dutch legendary goalkeeper played very well in front of the goal, after all, the height of 197 cm is not a display.


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