Cavani ended his career at Paris Saint-Germain a few months ago and recently joined Manchester United. In an interview with "ESPN", he talked about his former teammate Neymar in Paris. He said that the two have a personal relationship, but this does not prevent them from having a good relationship and respecting each other.

卡瓦尼几个月前结束了在巴黎圣日耳曼的职业生涯,最近加入了曼联。在lol比赛投注接受“ ESPN”采访时,他谈到了他在巴黎的前队友内马尔。他说,两国之间有个人关系,但这并不妨碍他们建立良好的关系并相互尊重。

Cavani said: "He's a pretty good person. The only time I had an affair with him was in the game against Lyon. Everyone knew about it. We had a fight in the locker room, but this The matter ended there."


"We are very different. There is no need to be friends or brothers with everyone in a team. The key is to unite, protect and support each other on the court. There is no need to go out and eat with everyone afterwards. But it cannot be denied. It is respect and loyalty to teammates."


In the end, he said: "We don't have much communication between us. This is true. But this has not stopped us from having a good relationship and respecting each other."


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