Tweed’s Blues Lumbers on…..

This being my latest attempt to create a halfway readable blog…or at least something I can jot down the stream of crap that runs thru my brain when the moon is full and the planets are just right. It’s a little different from html, in that the author is able to write normally with out all the codes and stuff to worry for while creating the VERY INTERESTING strings of words and images that will no doubt pour forth once I get this to look like something. I have no idea yet if anyone who come to visit will be able to post without opening a account. All things seem to point that way but there’s been some problems with no account folks being able to open a reply box….this will be remedied one way or the other I suppose. Either it will work or you will all return to facebook where it’s easy,…but laggy with all the ads and stuff going on. I have changed the look of this place…notice the header’s image at the top of each page is actually Big Joe Shelton’s front yard in the Black Prairie region of Mississippi! So..we are on the way, or leastwise I am, to blog nirvana. I will probably change this around a lot as time goes by and may lose some of the comments that actually managed to be printed in earlier incarnations, but this is the way of Always change…just like the seasons right?

Anyhow, bear with me and raise some sand if I stray too far out.

9 Responses to Tweed’s Blues Lumbers on…..

  1. kenkandu says:

    I love Tweed. Why? Because, in this upside down crazy as heck world, he abides. He continues to “lumber on” as he has done for a long decade or longer. This comforts me. Yes, (pity me!) I find some perverse comfort and affirmation in knowing that Tweed continues, undaunted and undiluted, to plodge along. Thank you, my Friend!

  2. cotton says:

    I’m here too. cotton and by the way, my email is still the same as it always has been, and I have a wife and 1.5 year old daughter. Sorry, not on fb but still love you and this crue.
    Love Cotton

  3. Les Forgue says:

    Hey there Mr.Tweed! I re-found the link to this sute while browsing old post on Blindman’s Blues Forum. So glad I came across it. I’ll be lurking around at least from time to time. Me I am a blues fan, and an (amatuer) blues singer/player.
    Thanks for your dedication to your blues web site, a thing of beauty and a joy.
    Les R Forgue of Chicago, Illinois

  4. Glad I found ya again, greetings from the Swamper!! alias Pogo

    • Tweed says:

      Hey Pogo! The place is fairly inactive I’m afraid. Tumbleweeds rolling around the porch now, but is good to hear from you and that you ain’t eaten by gators yet. :)

  5. MaddMike says:

    So I was cleaning out my Yahoo! inbox when I ran up on an old email from Tweed that had a link to this place.Thought I would check it out.

    • Tweed says:

      Welcome back MadOne! I’m thinking to broaden the base on this one as there are some real interesting things out there that are not blues related. “WHAAATTT????”
      Yes, it’s true! There’s tons of other stuff out there and since we’ve covered just about everything there is to uncover in the past regarding blues music, musicians, festivals, etc. and Facebook is prolly the best outlet for new acts to advertise and plug, that this blog might look at other things, along with the music. Maybe get back to the stories and how-to-do this and that stuff, huge lies and nonsense that used to keep us checking into the old tweedboard on cold winter nights long time ago. More than likely that level of cameraderie will never be reached again but what the hell..nothing makes a fail but a try right?

  6. Johnnie says:

    Good to see ya’ back Tweed.

    Greetings from the land of snow, ice and lutefisk…

    • Tweed says:

      Hey JohnIvar!! Greetings backatcha. How many strings is on a lutefisk and what type pickups do you prefer using on them? :) I got a radio station now btw called Dread Pyrates Radio and is a complete mishmash of styles in there. Sometimes I do a live thing but only when is a lotta rum involved. Mostly it streams blues, some what I think is good C&W, drunken Irish tavern stuff and some other stuff. Give a listen when the sun’s been gone fer several weeks, mebbe you like it as is full of vitamin d and fish oil. If you got something you like to put on there lemme know. I don’t have a huge audience so prolly not much of a spike in cd sales but it’s radio. lol! <<Dread Pyrate Radio link << Dread Pyrate Radio Blog where you find an odd collection of tales and history

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